It has really good bulk, Wish and outspeeds the vast majority of the metagame.


It can also function well on sun teams and as bulky set up sweeper. .


For four turns, the target will be unable to use whichever move it last used.

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Dec 2, 2022 · Scream Tail's great stats and powerful ability make it perfect for Tera Raids.

Strategies still revolve around getting stat boosts to one-shot the raid Pokemon. . .

It also gets Twave for slowing down other mons, or Rocks to chip things, giving it more utility. Dec 5, 2022 · Jan 15, 2023.

May 15, 2023 · At Research Station 2, they encountered a Scream Tail S /an Iron Bundle V, which Penny mistook for an ordinary Jigglypuff S /Delibird V until it became hostile.

Here are the best movesets for Scream Tail.

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Scream Tail is a spectacular Physical Sweeper for single battles. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Scream Tail Jigglypuff is a new S Tier Fairy Psychic Type Paradox Pokemon, with a growth rate and a 3 HP EV Yield.

Howl raises both your mon's attacks so it helps scream tail keep some agency while on the field.

- Protect.


This boosts their Attack stats. Scream Tail's Protosynthesis activates under Harsh sunlight, giving it a 30% boost to Defense. Those aiming to build a Defense centered Scream Tail should put points into the stat at the cost of either Attack or Special Attack.

The Bold nature will lower the Attack stat, and the Impish nature decreases Special Attack. It has the largest disparity in size with its apparent relative, being 2. Psychic. However, if you want to catch one on your first visit to Area Zero, look inside the cave by the third Research Station. .

It shares its Fairy and Psychic-type combination with other strong Tera Raid Pokémon like Gardevoir and Hatterene.

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・ Stored Power.

Don’t bother checking your Pokedex for this one because it says “Habitat unknown”.

The Bold nature will lower the Attack stat, and the Impish nature decreases Special Attack.