These faults coincide with Pn 69994-128.

Notice the use of the word "Circuit.

. I did some research on this forum and online.

I did some research on this forum and online.


Push the odometer reset button again to view additional codes if they exist. It's like every time it would sputter the bike was actually shutting off because the abs light would come on and the speedo would drop to 0 then catch back up. With the ignition switch in the off position, press and hold the trip meter button.


. After performing all rectification above, my dyna spitting and sputtering still persists. I want to know, what do I need? Via Email P1510 – ETC limited.

. P1512 449 ETC forced idle mode ETC MANAGEMENT DIAGNOSTICS.


under "P" codes P0108-- (map high sensor) and P0122 followed by part number PN 32919-04A (TP sensor open/low) "S" no tripped codes just PN 68923-00C.

"SP" no tripped codes but PN 67478-04. Sep 1, 2021 · JD, F head (intake over exhaust, or IOE), 74 cubic inch V-Twin introduced in 1922.

Diagnostic check shows a ton of codes for ECM and part number 001217-01. Dec 15, 2021 · will guys and gals here are the latest codes that are on the2020 RG ECM----P1100h/ P1512h/ P2122h/ P2127h/ P2138h/ U0141h/ U0142h/ U0156h/ U208Fh/ Part Number 001656-01.

ABS > C1034h.
vivid black).


80 Part #: 541683.

Could the heat be messing with teh batter connections? Thanks!. P0174- System Too Rich. M8 DTC code list.

https://www. M8 DTC code list. Came to stop at interstate exit and noticed bike idiling high, and pause when throttle cranked. Researching it out it seems that something with after installing rear LED. AFR – Air Fuel Ratio.


K Model, precursor to the Sportster, a 750cc (45 cubic inch) flathead, was introduced in 1952. The Harley-Davidson engine number is located above the engine bay, and it contains number letters.

The KH was introduced in 1954 featuring a larger 883cc engine.

you might try check for diagnostic codes.

I made all the codes reading process.

Harley-Davidson Diagnostic Trouble Codes.