A chain-mail solicitation by any other name, ‘blessing loom’ or ‘sou-sou,’ is against the law, officials say.

So let's set the record straight - they are not.

Behind MLM, investigative journalism against ponzi schemes. .

Nov 29, 2022 · Nov.

If a job description is brief, vague and makes it sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, it might be a scam.

. A pyramid scheme is one that relies on new entries to pay the profits of old entries, and to do so, new entries (money) must continually enter. In short, rob peter to pay paul.

We will explore the legitimacy of NovaTech and confirm that the platform is not a scam.

In short, rob peter to pay paul. 2K subscribers in the behindmlm community. Sep 29, 2022 · NovaTechFX Affiliate Program – MLM Scam.

Novatech is literally nothing like YieldNodes. Jul 23, 2022 · Pyramid Scheme Compensation.


The pyramid scheme is a form of investment where new investors pay money to older investors, with the promise of high returns.

To begin, it is of the utmost importance to. .

A former agent at It Works, an MLM selling beauty and weight loss supplements, told her firsthand experience of the flawed structure: “We were negative $1,000 after 18 months. NovaTech is Ponzi Scheme.

The whole business model is completely reliant on you.
The scheme typically collapses when there aren't enough new investors to pay the older investors.
But some people are still claiming that NovaTech is a scam.

Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme, economist says.

In an “urgent request” sent out to NovaTech FX investors over the past 24 hours, the Ponzi scheme is demanding they.

. This is an Algorand ASA asset and can be purchased on Tinyman by swapping Algorand. .

. Novatechfx is a pyramid. They will try to get you to sell their terrible insurance to your friends and family and have you pay a $100 fee to take become a “licensed insurance agent” This. . But some people are still claiming that NovaTech is a scam.

But some people are still claiming that NovaTech is a scam.

. Novatech is a reliable and well-known forex and cryptocurrency trading tool that gives traders a safe, fast, and clear way to trade.


If recruiting new salespeople is the only way to make money, then those who get into the game late will never be able to find enough new recruits to recoup their money.

Novatech FX, a company that sells foreign exchange products, has been accused of being such as a pyramid scheme.

In this post we will explore more into.

After hours of research, I came to the conclusion that even though some people currently are able to withdraw the funds, this entire system resembles a pyramid.